High-quality cleansed data for reliable backtesting in MT5.

Seamless backtesting starts here: Reliable Data + Automated MT5 Integration = Zero Hassle.

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Clean Data so your Backtests resemble your Live Trading
Minute-Data Precision for Both Accuracy and Performance
Multiplatform-Ready Data via Customizable CSV Exports
Browser-Based and Easy to Use for an Immediate Setup

Reliable Minutely Data for Backtests you can Trust

Data quality is crucial, and cleansing and prepearing it for backtesting can be a nightmare. Our pre-cleansed datasets ensure that you can focus on your trading strategy research, not wrangling messy data.

Quantdle Data Quality

Effortless Data Maintenance for the MT5 Platform

Say goodbye to the tedious manual process for updating custom symbols in MetaTrader 5 and be more efficient with Quantdle's automations. Whether you've dealt with manual updates or not, you'll appreciate the simplicity.

Instruments at your Fingertips

Explore a vast array of 40+ trading instruments. From FX and Indices to Commodities and Energies, we have the CFDs data you need to fuel your analytical process.

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Protect your Strategies from Costly Mistakes

Quantdle's Data-Cleansing in Action

Have you ever wondered how raw data can be transformed into pristine, reliable information?

Quantdle's cutting-edge data-cleansing algorithms do all the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on your research.

Don't Leave Your Data to Chance

In decision-making, reliable data is key, and backtesting is specially vulnerable when based on faulty data.

Every data error leads to inaccuracies in your backtest, causing a chain of costly mistakes in your process.

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Quantdle Data

Boost your Efficiency with Quantdle

As you know, trading demands precision. And using inaccurate backtest data is akin to taking a measurement with a flawed ruler.

It's not just about the risks; it's about the opportunity cost. It doesn't make sense investing time in meticulous research, only to rely on a backtest that could mislead and cost you potential gains.

Trust your Backtests

Say goodbye to data headaches. Our team ensures our historical data is consistently reliable and clean, so you can trust your backtesting results.

Automated Maintenance

Integrating our data into your research process is a breeze. No more manual uploading of custom symbols in MT5.

For All Traders

No matter your trading interests, we have you covered. Access minute-precision data for over 40 instruments, all in one place.

Be Super-Efficient

Don't waste valuable time cleansing data. Utilize our pre-cleansed datasets and focus on what truly matters: your strategy research.

Guillaume, Algorithmic Trader:

"I just love how quickly I'm able to update my MT5 symbols with the newly downloaded data. Easy!"

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5-Minute Setup

Get updated high-quality historical data in your platform in a couple of clicks.

Step 1

Log In

Log in to Quantdle, select the instruments, the data range and the target platform you want to download data for.

Step 2


Click download and witness how your data is processed, cleansed and downloaded in CSV at lightning fast speed.

Step 3


Use our EA to automatically import and organize the newly downloaded data into your custom symbols in MT5.

Step 4


You'll have your platform ready for backtesting with high-quality data.

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